Make higher quality connections

Request information from website visitors or invitees and—based on their responses—route them to the right person or resource.
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Better Conversions

Screen and qualify website visitors or invitees

Prioritize scheduling with high-value leads based on industry, company size, and other requirements. Send people who aren’t a fit to a referral page or other resource.


See what you can do with Routing Forms

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Automated Experience

Schedule efficiently and save everyone time

The faster you connect clients, students, or customers to the right people and resources, the more time everyone gets back.

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Build and publish a form in minutes

Quickly get started with a straightforward form-building experience, which Calendly admins create and manage for teams. Share via link or embed on your website.

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Faster Connections

No more missed opportunities

Embed Routing Forms to your website and eliminate the booking delays and customer drop off typically caused by manual follow up. 

Kenneth Burke, Vice President of Marketing, Text Request

“Before adding Calendly Routing Forms, 60% of people who started to book a meeting on our website did not complete the booking. Now, we’re automatically sending demos to specific reps based on company size, which has created better experiences for both our customers and employees. We’re winning more business with less work.”

Kenneth Burke

Vice President of Marketing, Text Request


Win more business with less work.

Routing Forms help you screen and qualify website visitors, automate scheduling, and offer a seamless customer experience.

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We take the work out of connecting with others so you can accomplish more.

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